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Some recent name ideas from our writers...
Satellite Company
Name for a service providing satellite images used in court cases.
Healthcare Company
Name for website that facilitates national immunization programs.
Video Streaming Service
New Company Name.
Moving & Storage Company
Company Name.
Independent Food Manufacturer
New Product Name for orange-flavored s'mores.
Independent Film Studio
Movie title for slasher-film about ex-wives getting revenge on cheating husbands.
Exes With Axes
Popular Restaurant Franchise
Name for breakfast entr?e served without sausage.
The Missing Link
Web-based business allowing individuals to buy cars with group buying power
Name for breakfast entr?e served without sausage.
Boat Owners
Name for a yacht bought by an entire family after they sold the family business and started living the good life.
Mast Exodus
Greeting Card Company Making Golf-Themed Greeting Cards
Company Name.
Dog Leg Cards

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