bobsfurniture_logoThinking up a new and original name for a business has never been easy. Although it used to be easier than it is now.  Twenty or thirty years ago, if you wanted to start Bud’s Used Books in Topeka, you didn’t worry if there was a store of the same name in Syracuse. Today, you have to worry because you will probably be selling online.  Back then few people worried about branding either.  Businesses were often just OWNER’S LAST NAME HERE followed by SERVICE OFFERED HERE.  That doesn’t make an impact on today’s savvy, demanding consumer.  Remember, the name is the cornerstone of your brand and sets the tone for all your marketing to follow.

Of course it’s not just an effective company or product name you need.  It’s also your website address.  The right name really can be the difference between success and failure.  Fortunately, there’s a new kind of online application that can help you name or rename a company. It goes far beyond that old fashioned business name generator that simply spit out often nonsensical names through a computer program.

With Name My Blank, the business name generator has been replaced by a service that allows you to open a naming contest.  For a small cash prize you put up for the winner, writers compete to create your perfect name based on criteria you give.  You can even keep your contest confidential for a small fee.

Online Business Name Generation

If you are setting up a new business or want to rename a company with a ho-hum name, Name My Blank can give you lots of viable options from real writers.  A business name generator just can’t compete with this and the minimal cost is well worth it.

Staking out a distinctive identity for your business has always been important to success. In today’s world, it is even more important than ever before. It’s also vital that you take the effort to create a distinctive name and identity for the business from the beginning.  If you have a name that sounds generic, that’s how people with think of your entire organization.

Ok.  It’s time to rename a company, service or product.  Click here to start an online naming contest at NameMyBlank.com.  Filling out a brief takes just minutes and you ca open a naming contest for as low as $50 plus a small contest fee.

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