give-me-a-name-2If you’re like most entrepreneurs you’ve probably spent far more time designing, creating and perfecting your product than thinking up a name for it. The truth is that naming whatever you plan to sell or distribute was probably the last thing on your mind.

Now that you’re ready to go to market you’re probably scratching your head and asking how to name your product. If your expertise is in sales or engineering or technology you may not even know where to begin or how to begin. Here’s a solution to your problem that you probably never thought of: hold a naming contest.

How a Naming Contest Can Help You

There are websites that let you hold contests where writers submit suggestions for names for your products. You put up a cash prize that can be as low as $50 and wait for the competition to end. Then you go over the submissions and choose the one that you like the best.

Think of it, you can have dozens or even hundreds of creative people from all over the world competing for the right to rename your company. You will be able to concentrate on developing your product and readying it for market. If you have no knowledge of marketing, advertising or writing you won’t have to spend a lot of time researching and learning those fields.

Instead you can have experienced professionals handle the chore for you. Best of all you will not have to pay them until the work is actually done. That means you take no real risks. Yet you can have a professional write the wording that will describe your business or your product for the world.

Why You Should have a Professional Create Your Name

We all know that a really bad name can sink a product, a production or even a business fast. The wrong words on the box or the website will drive the customers away. Worse customers may spend their money thinking your product is something that it is not. That means you’ll end up having to give refunds and lose money.

Hiring a professional to create the names for a product can help you avoid this dilemma. They can write the words and all you will have to do is approve them. Even if you don’t exactly like the words they chose the input that a professional writer or marketer can give to your enterprise will be invaluable.

They can point out markets and means of advertising that you may not have thought of. Such a person can also help you with modern marketing methods such as search engine optimization (SEO) and social networking. Those methods rely heavily upon searches which are based on words.

A professionally-written name is one of the best ways of staking out ground for your product in the virtual world and on the social networks. There will be a distinctive name for your creation that will be easy for customers to remember and find.

Instead of wondering how to name a product you should harness the creativity and ingenuity of professional writers by holding a naming contest. If it is conducted properly such a contest can generate a name that will be the equivalent of thousands or tens of thousands dollars worth of free advertising.

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