MerrickParkA name that does not tell customers what your business’ product or service is can cost you customers and money. A Miami-area shopping center called the Village at Merrick Park is a perfect example of such a situation.

The managers at the center found this out the hard way. They realized that people were not associating the Village at Merrick Park with shopping. The name sounded like a housing development rather than a shopping center. So the city of Coral Gables (which owns the center) decided to change the project’s name to Merrick Shops.

Merrick Shops is a good business name because it accurately conveys what the facility is, it is a shopping center.  The Village at Merrick Park was not a good business name because it did not paint an accurate picture of what the place is. Nobody would associate the old title with shopping.

You should keep what happened to Merrick Shops in mind when you use a company name generator. A name that does not accurately reflect what your business is can drive customers away. No customer will associate your company with the service that you are providing.

A person looking for a place to shop might drive past a sign for the Village at Merrick Park because she thought it was a housing development. On the other hand she would know exactly what the words Merrick Shops mean and pull in. A good business name can and will bring in customers.

Business name ideas have to reflect what the business is and give customers an idea of what you can do for them. The name Speedy Towing not only tells a customer what the business it gives an impression of the kind of service offered. Ted’s Truck Service on the other hand doesn’t tell the customer a thing other than Ted has a truck. What sort of truck does Ted have and what does he do with it?

Bad business name ideas can drive customers off because they don’t know what the enterprise is or what it does. Unfortunately many owners choose a clever or cute name that doesn’t convey what the firm does. They forget that business name ideas are a means of communicating with customers and telling them why they should seek your services.

So always keep the example of the Village at Merrick Park in mind when you use a company name generator. Any name that doesn’t accurately convey what your business is could cost you money. Taking the time to use the company name generator to create something that accurately describes your own organization can help attract new customers.

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