How To Name A Product

Choosing a name is actually one of the most important aspects of product development. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most neglected aspects of product development.

A bad name can doom a perfectly good product to failure, while a catchy name can help a dud succeed. Therefore, you need to learn how to name a product before you start the marketing process. Spending a little time and effort developing a catchy name is vital to product success.

Names for products are important because the name is the first impression that the public gets of the product. Naming is very important for things that the public is unfamiliar with. If you can get your name associated with a product, you can create a brand that the consumers associate with a particular good or service.

After all, people associate Coca-Cola with soft drinks and Apple with computers. The names Coke and Apple have little association with the actual products that they sell, yet you think about computers when you hear Apple and soda when you hear Coke.

That means you need to think of names for a product that will catch the public’s imagination and drive customers to you. Knowing how to name a product is often the best way to ensure success.

The best way to do this is to know what successful product names have in common. When you can identity these factors, you will know how to name a product:

  1. It accurately and honestly reflects what the product is.
  2. It reflects the values that you want associated with your product. Disney symbolizes family values to many people. Wal-Mart symbolizes saving money.
  3. It will not confuse the potential consumer.
  4. It will make people happy.
  5. The consumer will take it seriously or at least pay attention to it.

Some names for products work because they attract attention. Verizon attracts attention because it is unique and unusual. So do Advil, Kodak, and Nike. A bold or dramatic name can attract a lot of attention, as Amazon.com discovered. Being bold and dramatic has certainly helped Target attract customers. Starbucks has definitely been able to use a dramatic title to build a brand.

Humor is another good way to attract attention: the words Gorilla Glue are funny. Yet they also convey a message to the customer: the glue is as strong as a Gorilla. A competitor Crazy Glue offers laughs, but you pay attention to it.

Honesty can also help you attract a lot of attention when creating a brand. Discount Tire has stores all over the country and its name says it all: you can buy tires for your car there cheap. Dunkin’ Donuts is both funny and honest; it’s a donut shop.

Bizarre names for products can also help particularly for new or different items. Google and Yahoo became huge internet brands despite having extremely odd names. Hulu has been successful despite a bizarre choice of description. Such a choice can help you stake out a claim in a particular area.

You need to take the time and effort picking out a business name because you will also be creating a brand. The first thing that you need to ask yourself when you begin the process is what do I want the public to think about me, my business, and my product?

Ask yourself what emotions you want to convey and what impression you want to give people. The most important feeling you want to promote is one of trust; after all, you are trying to get people to give you their money. They will not do that unless they trust you.

Next, you will want them to feel good or happy about your product, even if there are negative connotations to it. If you’re offering a solution, you want people to think that you will solve their problems. Helpful Plumbing tells the customer that you are the plumber and you are there to help.

Naming a product is one of the most important things that you will ever do. It can ensure the success or failure of your product and your business.

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