If you are starting a new business or launching a new product you should give serious thought to making the business name or the product name and your slogan compatible. When you consider business name ideas you should ask yourself how the name will look or appear in a slogan.

A Classic Example

There are some names that look or sound good when they are added to a tagline. A classic example is “Raid Kills Bugs Dead.” Even though it is a bit simple that slogan does a tremendous job of promoting the product. People who see it get the point, Raid kills bugs. The reason you buy an insecticide is to kill bugs.

The tagline not only sells the product it does the very important job of explaining it. The short and simple product name Raid fits in perfectly with the short and simple catchphrase.

How to Connect Slogans and Product Names

A good way to get a name that works well with a slogan is to try and name the product and create a slogan at the same time. If you cannot think of a name for a product or a business try holding a slogan contest for it instead of using a business name generator.

There’s a good chance the creative minds that enter the slogan contest will think of a far better moniker than the product name generator could create. After all the people that enter the contest have the advantage of imagination and creativity. The generators are simply programs that mindlessly slap words and phrases together.

Even if the slogan contest winner doesn’t contain a good potential name it might give an idea for one. The slogan contest winner can also be used as the basis of a business name contest, much as the winner of a business name contest can be used as the basis of a slogan-writing contest.

Good Names can lead to Good Slogans

A good business name can help you create a really good tagline for your enterprise. That means you should understand the basics of a good business name before using a name generator or contest.

A good name clearly and easily defines the product while setting it apart from the competition. Great names are also very simple, longer names confuse people and turn them off. Most people hate big words and will usually ignore them when they see them.

That’s why Google and Apple are two of the best business names of all time. They’re simple and short and easy to include in phrases and advertising. They are also hard to confuse with other products. Raid is a great product name because it is short and simple and dramatic at the same time.

Webcrawler; a long-defunct internet search engine, was a poor name because it was cumbersome. It couldn’t be quickly made into part of the language and inserted into everyday conversation the way Google can. When somebody says I just Googled this or that she is giving Google free advertising.

If you can easily insert a business name into a slogan you can effortlessly add it to everyday conversations. Ideally you want a product name to be on everybody’s lips. Having a name that can be used in a slogan is the first step in that direction.

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