Choosing a boat name like naming a business or product can be a lot of fun, largely because there are a lot of different names to choose from. The best boat names like the best business names reflect the personality of the owner.

The most popular sailboat name in America is “Second Wind” which is a sailing term. It shows the owner’s love of sailing and reflects nautical knowledge. The name “Wind Dancer” which is also very popular reflects the boat’s motion on the ocean as much as the owner’s personality.

Interestingly the second most popular name for sailboats right now is “Serenity.” That can refer to relaxation or the cult TV show Firefly which featured a spaceship called Serenity. The show also inspired a popular movie called Serenity. More conventional names like “Carpe Diem” and “Escape” reflect the boat owner’s desire to get away from it all which is why you buy a boat in the first place.

How to Name a Boat

Naming a boat can be tricky particularly if you are planning to use it for commercial purposes like fishing charters. If you’re naming a boat for your personal use you can chose almost any boat name such as that of a favorite song or something out of your favorite movie, book, poem or TV show. Unfortunately such pop culture related names might not be appropriate for commercial vessels.

A name like Doom might be fun for video game funs but it won’t attract many charter customers. A better name for a fishing charter might be “Big Catch” or “Getaway.” Something to remember is that not everybody shares your interests or tastes in things like sports, music, recreation and television. What is amusing to you might offensive or confusing to somebody else.

A boat name will reflect upon your business. You’ll want your charter customers to have confidence in your vessel yet have fun at the same time. A name that can convey both security and fun can help a charter company attract customers.

Stand out from the Crowd

It is often a good idea to hold a naming contest for a boat or use a slogan contest to name a boat because you’ll want to stand out from the crowd. Many vessels have the same name which can create confusion and display a lack of imagination.

Let’s face it some boat names such as “Second Wind” and “Enterprise” are simply overused. Creating an original boat name can help your charter business stand out.

An interesting way to do this is to hold a slogan contest to create a tagline for your firm that can double as a name for a boat. An example of such a name might be “Catches the Most Fish,” “Fun at Sea,” or “Wonderful Vacation Memories.” These names convey pleasure and give people a reason to charter the craft.

Another fun idea is to ask your customers what your new boat name should be. That shows that you respect your customers and value their opinions. Creating original boat names can be fun and it isn’t hard.

Starting a contest to name a boat, can help take all the work out, and keep all the fun.

Starting a contest to name a boat, can help take all the work out, and keep all the fun.

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