Names as Advertising

A really good business or product name is more than just a label it can be a powerful kind of advertising. The best business names can become part of the language and everyday conversation.

Make the name of your product one of a kind.

Make the name of your product one of a kind.

This creates the most powerful and versatile kind of advertise: word of mouth. People will spread your business or product’s name for free. This is why you should put a lot of time and effort into a naming a business or a product.

Examples of product names that have become part of the language are all around us. Many people use the name Kleenex for facial tissue even though Kleenex is simply one popular brand of facial tissue. In Britain the name Hoover is used instead of the word vacuum cleaner. To Google or googling has become a popular term for internet searches. Many people use Ro-to-Rooter to refer to drain cleaning even there are many companies that offer that service. Some people use the term Xerox instead of copy.

Creating a Memorable Name

That is why taking the extra effort to create a memorable product name is worth it. A really good business name can serve as advertising on its own.

A memorable name is one that should be easy to remember yet stand out from the crowd. It can be something completely different such as Kodak or a play on a popular world.

Super Glue is a memorable and highly effective product name even though it isn’t really that original. Yet people remember super glue and use it as a phrase that means very sticky or stuck together. The point is that people think of Super Glue as a really strong adhesive.

Creating original names that didn’t exist before and have no other meaning can work as well. The word Prius has essentially no meaning, yet Toyota used it as a highly effective name for a very popular model of hybrid car. When people hear the term Prius they think of hybrid car.

Other examples of original product names that have been highly effective include Kodak (which was chosen by camera inventor George Eastman because it had no meaning), Pepsi and Polaroid. All of these names are easily recognizable even though they are only product names.

Names can Get a New Idea Across

Whenever you use a product name generator you should remember that names can get a new idea across to the public. During the 1950s the dramatic term Cinemascope was used to popularize the idea of widescreen movies (before then most movie theater screens were small).

More recently Twitter got the idea of instant messaging across to the public. Like Google it has become a verb as well as a popular slang term.

These names have enabled these concepts and products to be accepted on an everyday basis. A good business name idea can help people to accept a concept that is completely new and original.

Another way to help a new business name enter the language is to name it for something familiar and comfortable. This explains the success of Apple which introduces totally radical technologies in a friendly and unthreatening manner.

There are many different methods of creating a name that can become part of the language. When it is done right naming can be one of the best methods of introducing people to a product or a business.

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