Naming Your Boat

Need a great name for your boat? Start a contest now!

Need a great name for your boat? Start a contest now!

Naming a boat is not as easy some people think. After all there are millions of boats around the world with millions of boat names. It is almost impossible to come with an original boat name just as it is almost impossible to come up with original business names.

So what is a boat owner supposed to do? The best answer is to be creative or at least hire somebody that can. A product name generator can help create a moniker for a vessel but naming contests can be more effective. Such contests work better because they take advantage of the most creative force known to man: the human brain.

Find a Name that Reflects Your Personality

Before you spend money on such a contest you should ask yourself: what do I want in a name? What do I want the name to say about me and my vessel and what values do I want it to reflect?

A name should after all reflect your values and your personality. If you’re adventurous a name like Venture or Discovery might be a good fit. If you’re more whimsical a name that reflects one of your hobbies or interests might be a better fit. You might name the boat after one of your favorite fictional characters, your dog or your favorite breed of flower.

Another naming idea is to use something or somebody out of your life. This could be the name of one of your children, or your wife or girlfriend. It could even be the name of one of your pets.

Remember that Things Change

Something that many people who chose boat names tend to forget is that things change. Naming the vessel after your girlfriend might be a great compliment now but what if the two of you break up. Do you want to be stuck with the name of an old flame on your boat particularly if you take your new girlfriend out on it?

Even naming a boat for a child is not such a good idea. You will probably sell the boat sooner or later. Do you really want to sell something with the name of one of your children or your favorite pet emblazoned on it?

Sending the Wrong Message

There’s also the possibility that you might end up sending a message with your boat name that you don’t want to send. What seems playful or cute to one person might be offensive to another.

The name Killer Clown might be amusing to some people but horrific to others. It could refer to notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy who famously worked as a clown at birthday parties. The name Anonymous might sound funny it is also used by a shadowy organization that has been accused of terrorism.

Therefore it is always a good idea to research potential boat names. Simply type the name into Google and see what comes up. You might be associating your pleasure craft with something evil or offensive without even realizing it.

Since your boat is a reflection of your personality and your life you should take care when naming it. Remember when people see your boat and your name they’re looking into your soul and your life whether you realize it or not.

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