LittleMermaidFew people would buy an iPod if it were named, “MP3 Player Made By Impoverished Chinese Workers.” You’d never buy “Processed Sugar and Other Chemicals That Make You Feel Happy For 5 Seconds.”  But a Twix?  That sounds fun and yummy.

Imagine if the pharmaceutical industry used painfully descriptive literal names.  Just the thought of it makes me want to take two pills of “Swirling Gut Relief Because You Had to Have Those Last 8 Chicken Wings”…err…I mean Tums.

The truth is that product names, business names and, yes, movie names really set the tone and expectation for the consumer.  Christine Gritmon and Nick Nadel had a little fun with that premise and created a series of faux Disney posters that use names that cynically (and with surprising accuracy) describe several classic Disney films.  The result is very funny.

It’s also pretty fascinating.  It shows how the right name and even the wrong name change the way we feel about something.  Whether it’s good ‘ole fashion Disney movies or business names, a new company name or heck, even boat names, the importance of naming something correctly can’t be understated.  Ok, maybe boat names aren’t life or death but you know what we mean.

How would you rename some of your favorite Disney classics?  How would you rename some of the world’s most popular products?  What hilarious name can you come up with in naming a business that’s out there today.  Email us at admin@NameMyBlank.com.  We’d love to hear what you come up with.

While these movie posters are all in good fun, real world business name ideas are critical to success.  That’s why NameMyBlank is proud to be your ultimate company name generator.  Why not open a contest for your new business name?  You’ll get lots of options from talented writers, pay one low cost, and there’s no long period waiting for the work. Even if it’s a boat name. Like the one where Ariel first saw her true love.

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