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hungaryEveryone has great stories (one would hope). Here at Name My Blank our writers have stories that will make you cry, scream, and split your pants.  One of our interns has a great story about her last name that reinforces the importance of naming and what a simple name can represent.

Her grandfather was born in a village in Hungry, and lived there in his youth. When the Hungarian Revolution disturbed the country, he took up arms as a rebel, fighting for his rights in the capital. After devastating events, he and his comrades were captured and put on a train to a concentration camp in Russia. During the journey, the train had to make its way up a sharp mountain, causing the train to slow. The men inside had hatched a plan. While the train slowed, her grandfather and some other men ripped up the floor boards and escaped under the moving train. He made his way to another country in Europe – one more free than his own. From there he took a ship over to America, where he was greeted by Lady Liberty on Ellis Island.

Upon his first few months in America, he ran into more problems as his last name, Árokszilasy, was butchered by his fellow Americans. To resolve this problem, he went to a judge where he asked to shorten the name. His wish was granted and it was shortened to the first four letters. The name he created was an original, and became the identity of the family. Those four letters represented the struggle, hardship, and salvation of a man who fought for a better life.  He created a legacy that ran through a simple name, as well as a sense of pride in being one of a kind.

Businesses can be like family. The people are vital to its function, as are the relationships made within. This family identifies itself by its one of a kind last name, business names are no different. Names leave legacies, creating identities that can span the length of time. Great business name ideas live on, just as a simple family name can. The creation of business names is one that should not be left to a judge, but instead to the writers at Name My Blank.

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