The bread era.

The bread era.

Ever wondered where big time companies get their names from? They’re not your typical law firm business names titled after family; they’re different and become a defining factor in their image to us.

A new craze has started among people, and it’s a health craze. One of the companies that has benefited from this craze is a restaurant called Panera. To those unfamiliar with this store, it typically serves soups, salads, and sandwiches, most of which have healthy aspects to it.

A part of what Panera is known for is its bread. All the pastries, bagels, and breads are bakes fresh every day, and its logo even shows a woman, “mother bread,” cradling a loaf of bread in her arms.

At first glance, the name looks like a word that was just made up. But if you split the word Panera into ‘pan’ and ‘era,’ it becomes two words we can recognize. The word ‘pan’ means bread in Spanish, which makes sense for a store known for its fresh bread. The word ‘era,’ however, brings more meaning into what the store’s goals are.

When Panera was started its goal was to be a bakery-café that felt like home. Where people would come in all the time for its bread and create a sense of warmth through food. They brought the importance of food back to the most basic, bread. In using the word ‘era’ it was thought that the company was beginning a new era for bread.

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