Having trouble with business names? Try NameMyBlank!

Having trouble with business names? Try NameMyBlank!

Business name ideas are far harder to think up than many of us realize. Even if you have an original concept, devising an original name for the enterprise can be difficult even for the most creative people. Creating business names that stand out from the crowd can be even harder.

There are millions of businesses out there and very few of them have a creative or original name. Most entrepreneurs don’t put the time and effort that they should into naming the company. In many cases an entrepreneur spends more time and effort in ordering checks or promotional pens than in creating a name.

Make the Name Dramatic

Yet the name is often the most important asset that a business can have. A dramatic name can serve as advertising on its own. A truly dramatic name can often attract more attention than many advertisements. An example of this is Amazon.com which is both simple yet bold.

A dramatic name will often make promotional products such as pens or refrigerator magnets more effective. A prosaic name such as Joe’s Plumbing or Eastside Plumbing will not attract or hold attention. A dramatic name such as One-Hour Plumbing or Action Plumbing might.

Unusual and humorous business names can work to attract attention as well. Drain Busters or Clog Busters is funnier and more attention grabbing than Charley’s Rooter Service. People will pay attention to it, especially if you use a variation of the iconic catchphrase from the classic movie Ghostbusters. You would have a ready made slogan in “Who you gonna call? Drain Busters!! We ain’t afraid of no clog.”

A roofing service in Denver used the interesting name Leak Finders. Such plays on words can be highly effective, especially when they evoke a pop culture icon such as a classic movie or song. If you make a potential customer stop and chuckle, you’ve just etched your company’s name on the customer’s memory.

Creativity is Key

Creativity is the key when you’re naming a business or a boat. The more imagination you use when you create a business name the more effective it will be. Try and imagine what advertising mediums and marketing tools you plan to use then imagine how the name will sound in the advertising.

Obviously a company name generator cannot perform such mental exercises but you can. So can the creative people that participate in naming contests online. Unlike a generator which is simply a computer program those people have imaginations. Such a contest can enable you to have hundreds of creative minds competing to name your business.

Making Use of a Naming Contest

If you make use of a naming contest you should try and give the entrants as much information as possible. In addition to the kind of business and products you need to explain your business philosophy and strategies to them. That way you can have a name that fits in with the business philosophy.

Remember you’re trying to sell the complete package of your business with the name. To do that you’ll need to provide the person that creates the name as much information as possible.

Launch a naming contest as soon as possible and give the entrants as much information as you can. The more information you provide the better the name will be.

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