Business name ideas and boat names should reflect the personality of the individuals and organizations involved. The name of a service organization should emphasize the ideals of service for example.

A business that is dedicated to fun should have a fun name. A perfect example of this is Google which has a reputation as a fun and offbeat company. Google is of course a fun and offbeat name much like Apple. The name reflects the organization’s personality and more importantly communicates it to the world.

An organization with a name that emphasizes its’ values is Whole Foods Market. Whole Foods is dedicated to providing high quality organic food to the public and promoting the ideals of capitalism and the free market. Hence the name “Whole Foods Market” which tells the public what the organization is all about – in other words, its personality.

Boat Names and Personality

A boat name should reflect the personality of the owner or operator of the boat and the vessel’s purpose. A vessel named for a flower such as a rose emphasizes feminine values and comfort. A vessel with a more aggressive name such as Shark emphasizes male values and competitiveness.

During World War II American submarines were named after predatory fish such as Tiger Shark in an attempt to give them a sense of competiveness. British warships were famously given aggressive sounding names such as Victory, Victorious, Courageous, Hercules and Warsprite to promote aggressive values.

A pleasure craft then should have a fun name such as Relaxation or Wave Rider. A humorous name such as Breaking Even or Busted Flush can also add a sense of fun to a boat.

Reflecting Personality

Many people that think up business name ideas fail to realize that part of the purpose of  business names is to convey the enterprise’s personality to the community. A name like Discount or Value can make the business sound cheap or cut-rate.

Yet a name such as Integrity, Peace or American can convey an important message about the organization’s values to the community at large. All of these names emphasize strong values and say something about the organization to the community.

A popular pub in Denver calls itself the British Bulldog in order to emphasize the British atmosphere of the bar. An English immigrant that opened a barbershop in Bailey, Colo., actually called his business “British Hairways” to emphasize his roots.

Personality and Advertising

Business names can tell the public a lot about an establishment. If you saw a restaurant called the Golden Dragon you would probably assume that it offered Chinese or rather traditional Chinese-American cuisine. On the other hand you’d probably think the El Toro offered Mexican food. Joe’s Diner would probably offer traditional American fare.

Putting the wrong name on a business might drive customers or attract the wrong customers. People going into the Golden Dragon Mexican restaurant might storm out when they discover that there is no Kung Pao chicken on the menu. Individuals that walk into the El Toro in search of a burrito might walk out when they realize that it serves only Thai food.

When you set up a business naming contest you need to take the time to convey your organization’s personality to the entrants. A great way to get business names or a boat name that reflects your personality is to hold such a contest today.


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