What’s in a Name?

Naming a business or a boat can be a difficult proposition for even the most creative people. Coming up with a truly original product or company name can be almost impossible.

Sadly enough far too many entrepreneurs simply ignore this important aspect of business creation. They spend just a few seconds thinking up a name for their start up then concentrate on those aspects of the business that interest them more.

Don’t Make Your Business Look Silly

That is why we see so many terrible business names around these days. There are businesses including trucking companies that look as if they were named by a four-year old. A classic example is a trucking business called Trucks-4-U.

That name makes the business look childish and amateurish. The owner might think it sounds playful or up to date but it isn’t, it just sounds silly. Surely somebody that can spend a large amount of money on trucks could afford to invest a few dollars in a naming contest.

Many business owners destroy their company’s reputation before they get started by picking a terrible name. They think they are being clever but all they are really doing is making their enterprise look silly and in some cases ridiculous.

Names Should Inspire Trust

Customers are not going to entrust their money to an organization that sounds or looks silly and ridiculous. Yet many small business owners end up choosing company names that sound silly.

These people forget that business names should inspire trust. Customers are entrusting cargo to a trucking company. They want to know that the trucker can be relied upon to deliver the cargo safely and on time. The same goes for many other firms including investment advisers, contractors, repair shops and service businesses. These organizations need names that inspire trust and advertise reliability.

Tapping into the Creativity of Others

A good way to avoid the dilemma of having a terrible business name is to tap into the creativity of others. A business name generator is not necessarily the solution because it is nothing but a computer algorithm that slams words together.

A naming contest in which you offer a prize for the best name is the perfect solution for this dilemma. Organizing such a contest is simple yet it can pay some big dividends.

How to Plan a Naming Contest

A successful naming contest begins with a goal in mind. Before launching the contest sit down and write out a list of the aspects or values of your business you want to convey to potential customers. These can be your strengths or the service you intend to offer.

Then put this list before the contestants to see what they can create. You might write something like this: “Our tire store offers the most value to customers. We would like a name that conveys that value.”

You should also tell the entrants what you want to avoid. If you don’t want a silly name you should come out and say so. If you want to avoid words like discount or budget which convey a sense of cheapness say so.

Avoiding a terrible business name is easy if you just use a little creativity. A naming contest can give you that creativity at a really good price.

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