The Process of Naming

Things to consider for business names.

Naming a business or a product is considered a critical component in the branding process. The branding process is the establishment of a brand or identity for a product or a business. The brand is supposed to be a distinct identity that will market and promote the product.

Product names establish a brand by setting the service or good apart from similar offerings in the marketplace. A successful business name idea displays a number of attributes that achieves this purpose. These attributes include:

  • Create customer loyalty by establishing an image that customers can relate to.
  • Demonstrate the brand’s benefit or implied benefit to customers.
  • Establish an identity that will appeal to a target audience.
  • Create an image the customers want to buy.
  • It can be copyrighted for legal protection.
  • Distinguishes the product from the competition.
  • Tells potential customers about the company’s values and mission.

The Purpose of the Naming Process

You should always keep these attributes in mind when you employ a product name generator or a company name generator. Names designed by computer algorithms may not achieve these purposes. All such computer programs do is to slam words together.

Using such a business name generator can defeat the purpose of the naming process because it can create a name that doesn’t meet these criteria. It can also create a meaningless name which is the last thing that you want.

The purpose of the naming process is always to set your product or your business apart from the competition. That can only be achieved with business names that establish a unique or original identity.

Use the Naming Process

The challenge that the naming process poses for business owners is to create a unique identity. Unfortunately a lot of entrepreneurs fail miserably because they ignore the naming process and don’t understand it.

Fortunately there are several tools that can enable persons who know little or nothing about the naming process to take advantage of it. One of the best is to hold a naming contest in which a prize is given to the writer that comes up with the best potential name for a company or product.

Such contests make the naming process easy and almost fool proof because creative individuals do the actual work. Persons who actually understand the process will be doing the actual work.

Contests and the Naming Process

The more time and effort that you put into the naming process the better the name and the brand you will come up with. If you hold such a contest and take care to choose the winners you will achieve the goal of establishing a unique identity for your product or organization.

Therefore you should think carefully about what you want in a name because it establishes your brand image before you set up the contest. A contest can help you because it will give you access to creative minds and other business name ideas that you may not have thought of.

Time, money and effort invested in the naming process and naming contests will pay off in the form of a new identity for your business. Try making that investment today if you want a successful naming process.

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