Naming a business is one of the most important things that a new business owner has to do but sadly it is also probably very first decision that you will have to make after deciding you are going into business. One possibility when naming your business is to incorporate the of a geographic location such as your town.

In an ideal and rational world a company with a strong product or service, or one with a niche idea could expect to be successful from the start;  however as strong product is the only the starting point to having a successful business that can make you a profit. You have to demonstrate in as quick and simple way as possible how your potential customers can benefit using your business instead of one of your competitors.

The First Thing Your Customers will Notice

Business names are the first thing that any potential buyer is going to notice so in some ways it is more important than your sales pitch, promotional materials or even your end product. The best product in the world is of little use if customers are looking elsewhere because your rivals appear more attractive.

Business names are the first point of contact between your business and your customers.  At this early level it is also the only differentiation between you and your competitors.  In the modern world customers make instant judgments on where they want to spend their cash.   It is essential that your business name sends the right message.

Using Your Community in Your Business Name

Depending on the business sector that your new organization will be operating in, it is worth considering incorporating your geographic location into business names.  This is because customers associate such firms with strong local roots and a friendly approach to the public.

If your business is selling across a city or state then something like Denver Auto Rentals implies that if a traveler needs a car in Denver then this name differentiates itself from others.  If you are planning on opening a Deli serving purely local customers then it is appropriate to use a more local sounding name such as Church Street Deli or East Side Bakers.

The same principle works right up to the highest levels in areas such as airlines.  No-one can be in any doubt where American Airlines, British Airways and Korean Air are based.

Standing Out from the Crowd

It all depends what your business is selling and what marketplace you aim to serve.  Either way for business name ideas should be snappy and original whilst clearly informing customers what your business does. Customers should be drawn to a name that stands out from the crowd but using a geographic location also can give a feeling of trustworthiness and responsibility.


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