Name Game: Pepsi

A business name generator can be the prefect tool for coming up with a suitable business name. Business name ideas don’t spring up overnight, and perhaps it’s better left to the amazing writers at NameMyBlank.

Popular business names sometimes seem like they come out of nowhere. They sometimes use interesting words that don’t even exist in the dictionary, which cause you to wonder where they came from. Family, locations, ingredients, inside jokes, or random encounters can serve as inspiration for business names. Even some popular names seem to have no rhyme or reason, but maybe that’s a part of what makes them so appealing. Bob’s Auto Parts just doesn’t sound as good as the name Tire Kingdom does.

Ever heard of Brad’s Drink? No? Perhaps because it was renamed to Pepsi in 1898. Caleb Bradham was a pharmacist that created his own sodas for the soda fountain in his shop. Brad’s Drink consisted of carbonated water, sugar, vanilla, rare oils, cola nuts, and wait for it … pepsin! You guessed it; the name Pepsi Cola came from the two ingredients in the drink, pepsin and cola nuts.

While pepsin is an enzyme used for digestion, the ingredient “pepsin” in Bradham’s drink was believed to help aid digestion in the same way. So a part of what the product was later became the name that millions of people recognize around the world.

Inspiration for business names can come even with the smallest ingredient. Find great business name ideas here at NameMyBlank, where it doesn’t matter if you’re a big time business or a small time brand like Brad’s Drink.

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