Name Game: Google

Business names come in all shapes and sizes. They range from basic to bizarre, and from in the dictionary to completely made up. One business, however successfully crossed the bridge from completely made up and landed a spot in Webster’s dictionary.

Google, is a term used so often that we incorporate it into our everyday speech. Don’t know the answer? Google it. Where’d you find that name? Oh I just Googled it. You don’t hear people saying that they Yahooed it, which is how much of an impact business names can have on a company.

But what is a Google? Besides it being the name of a search engine, a Google is not a person, place or thing. Business name ideas can come from something as simple as a math equation. Any idea what a googol is?  It’s 1.0 X 10100. Google, Inc. has stated: “Google’s use of the term [Google] reflects the company’s mission to organize the immense, seemingly infinite amount of information available on the web. They reworked a term that represented the company and its purpose and turned it into a sensation.

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