It takes a lot of skill and courage to set-up a new business.  It isn’t something that just anybody can do.  You need a business plan, some financial backing, a vision of how you want things to work out and even if you have all of these things going for you then you still need that priceless commodity of luck.

At NameMyBlank we’ve noticed that quite rightly, most entrepreneurs and small business owners put all of their time and energy into developing their products and marketing ideas to ever worry about naming a business or product.

If your experience and business are in industries non-related to marketing and advertising then the chances are that you aren’t the best person out there to name your business.  What makes a great I.T Engineer, plumber or landscape gardener doesn’t necessarily equip you when it comes to naming your business.


The Power of the Right Name

A right name almost by itself can give your new business a huge boost allowing you to never look back.  However picking the wrong business names means at best the business will always under-perform and at worst could end up wasting your time and money.

Luckily a quick, easy and economic solution is at hand.  Here at Namemyblank we have come up with an amazing solution to this perennial head ache for new businesses.    Holding a business naming contest will allow professionals to come up with the best name possible so you don’t have to waste your time scratching your head.

No-one would want a professional writer or ad agency working on their furnace or computer servers? So why would a heating and air conditioning technician or an I.T. specialist think they could come up with the best business names?


How a Naming Contest can Help

Holding a naming contest is easy, quick and inexpensive.  Creative individuals will bring a different perspective to the naming process, opening up new possibilities which you may never have even thought of.  Not only can a name help your business stand out in its own right but a catchy name can also help with things such as your search-engine optimization so that your business is easy to find on web search engines.

The prize that you offer in a naming contest can be anything from $50 upwards.  Obviously a higher prize will help attract the efforts of the best writers.  Once all the entries are in, you get to choose the winning contest entry which you can then use as your business name.

We take all the effort out of finding business names so that you can get on with starting your business, utilizing your talents rather than wasting time thinking of a name.  You now do your job, let us do ours!

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