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Renaming the Company – Justin.tv becomes Twitch Interactive

Although plenty of hardcore video game players are familiar with the name “Justin.tv,” a service that lets users stream games live, gamers have really fallen in love with the company’s offspring “Twitch.”  So now the parent company name is changing to take on the name of their stellar performing child.

So Justin.tv is being rebranded to become Twitch Interactive Inc.  With Twitch driving the company’s true growth the twitch switch makes a lot of sense.  It is pretty rare though when a situation like this takes place.

Justin.tv was a pioneer in user-generated live streaming of games.  The overall corporate structure looks like it will remain in tact.

Vice President of Marketing, Matthew DiPietro acknowledged that, in the two and a half years since Twitch launched, it has seen incredible growth and they’re hoping that name change carries the momentum  up to the top and organization-wide.  Every month 1 million gamers use twitch to broadcast their on screen exploits and 13 billion minutes are watched per month.  That web traffic outperforms Hulu and Facebook!

A company name change like this has to be challenging both logistically and politically but there are some very smart people behind Justin.tv..errr…Twitch Interactive and obviously they felt a new company name was the right course of action to take.  If you need a new name for your company, parent company or offshoot, we’d love to host your naming contest on NameMyBlank.

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