Naming a business using acronyms.  Is it right for your crowdsource naming contest?

Naming a business using acronyms. Is it right for your crowdsource naming contest?

When naming a business using a crowdsourcing contest, you can make every letter count.

A quick search on the internet will reveal just how many different strategies there are when it comes to naming your business. Sometimes it seems like there are almost as many company naming strategies as there are businesses to name. It’s the subject of so much attention because producing a good business name is one of the most vital decisions that you can make. After all, your company name is often the first impression made with customers. It established how you’re perceived. It’s the gateway to your brand. And there’s the obvious fact that your name is everywhere. It will end up on your website, business cars, promotional literature and maybe even on the side of your truck.

A lot of people struggle with business naming their organization so they turn to crowdsourcing a new name. Like any crowdsource website, you get a lot of options from a lot of perspectives. So all those naming strategies we just referenced…you’ll see many of them on display in a business name generator contest. Often times one of the strategies that is employed by at least one name writer, at least on NameMyBlank.com is using initials and/or acronyms. Many times this can lead to brilliant, catchy names that last for decades. But not every option submitted will be right for you. So here are some guidelines that will help you come up with a successful acronym or initial based name from your crowdsource business name competition.

Is your acronym W.O.R.K.-able? (Wonderful, Originally & Really Killer)

Using an acronym in a name is something that either works or doesn’t right away. UPS, AT&T, IBM, YMCA and ESPN are just some of the brands where far more people know them for their initials than their actual name. And there are plenty of organizations whose name is a word where each letter stands of something. When womens’ rights activists were looking for a name that signified they wanted immediate change, they came up with N.O.W. (The National Organization of Women.) People new to computer programming were first introduced to B.A.S.I.C. Which stands for Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instructional Code. It’s a formula that works and it could work for you. Truth be told so many great names are the result if reverse engineering the acronym. Writers and naming experts often start with words first and then figure out what each letter should stand for second.

Business Naming Acronyms that Won’t Work For You

Remember some of the above mentioned brands like IBM are billion dollar companies started decades and decades ago. Today if you were to start a company called International Business Machines, that name could easily get lost in the clutter. What about corporate giant 3M? They’re still officially tied to Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing. You won’t have the luxury of continuing a brand with an antiquated name. Of course sometimes a unique company name can be a conversation starter. International furnishing company IKEA gains its name from the name and home of its founder, Ingvar Kamprad who lived on a farm named Elmtaryd in the locality of Agunnaryd.

Putting It All Together For Your Company Name Acronym

If you’re about to open a crowdsource naming competition for a new business name, mention that you’re open to an acronym approach. Just make sure that if someone doesn’t know what every letter stands for, the acronym works on its own. Maybe the explanation can come from a new slogan or tagline.

Best of luck generating your new company name or renaming your company. If you need us, we’re always here to H.E.L.P. (Heroically Educate Leading Professionals)

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