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Toys R Us didn’t have the luxury of a crowdsource naming contest. But you do!

There was a time when naming a business was a pretty uncreative endeavor. Your company name ideas were pretty much limited to where you operated and what you did. That approach led to wildly creative names like Topeka Mufflers, Southeast Warehouse Solutions, etc. Fortunately, those limitations are long gone. Yet some companies still put little thought into their name. Instead of a name that is memorable and brand defining, businesses today can still be found using outdated an naming strategy such as naming the business after the initials of the two partners, which creates snooze-fest names such as P&T Insurance Partners.  Wake me up when they’re out of business.

The good news is that many companies are using this new found freedom for company name generating that stands out, engages the audience and elevates their brand. Online companies seems to be leading the way. Twitter, Instagram and PayPal are all easy to remember names that stand out. Often what the dot coms are doing today, main street businesses will be doing in 5-10 years so it’s helpful to keep an eye on.

One of the biggest trends right now is alternative spellings to a company name. That involves leaving out a letter, adding one in simply spelling a familiar word in a totally unique way.

There’s Tumblr, Reddit, Flickr, Qustodian, Digg and Unbxd among a plethora of names that put a spin on traditional spelling. But is this sort of approach right for you? Is this something you should consider is you open a crowdsource business name competition on NameMyBlank.com? Let’s find out.

Is it meaningful?

The first thing you should consider in generating a business name, whether it’s using a crowdsourcing naming contest or hiring an agency, is if the name means something to your target audience. A lot of online businesses have a goal of disrupting the current way of doing business in their industry so a funky spelling signifies that aren’t a company doing business in the same way as the old guard. If your name gives some insight into what you do and connotes it’s a new approach, a funky spelling might work for you. This company name strategy isn’t just limited to tech companies!

Is it memorable?

Anyone can put a twist on traditional spelling. That doesn’t give you an 100% guarantee people will remember your name. Esurance people remember but possibly because there are millions thrown into an ad campaign for their brand. Your name needs to work if its heard and not just read. So if you were a catering company called Metro Cat-r-r, that name might not work and it looks strange to boot. Make sure you have a name that stands out but does so for the right reasons. Toys R Us famously changed an “Our” to a “R” flipped it backwards and the name was an instant hit. It’s perfectly childlike, memorable and meaningful.

Is it timeless?

Toys R Us isn’t a Silicon Valley start-up. Neither is Publix, one of the most successful grocery chains in the nation. The Publix name still works because it’s not a twist on a word that was trendy at the time. Instead, it’s a twist on the public’s grocery store. For decades the name has stood out and remained in style because it isn’t playing off a here today gone tomorrow slang word. Consider that when generating your new name.

Company Name Crowdsourcing - Naming A New Company

Naming A Company with unique spelling isn’t new. Just ask Publix.

Tumbler. By having a business name spelled differently from what general convention would go with, it immediately draws attention.   

Of course, depending in your business sector this can often be positive and give a boost to your business. However in some industries, your customers are likely to think such a tactic as being stupid. You don’t want your lawyer to sound “with-it,” you want her to be competent.

Wrapng It Upp”

A big advantage of using a deliberately misspelled word as your business name is in buying a domain name. So many of the best internet domains have already been taken and it could be expensive if not impossible to secure a domain for your business. However, its unlikely that a misspelled business name has its internet domain already registered.

The only real downside to going with this option when naming your business, is that it can be difficult for your customers to locate your website if they aren’t sure of how it is spelled. Even if misspelled, the business name should still be a derivative of the original word so that customers can have a good idea of exactly what service or product your company is selling.

The Best Mistake that You can Make

The great thing though is that when you hold a crowdsourcing business naming contest with us, you can specify the type of name and branding that appeal to you and your customers. If it sounds right to you and your business sector and your competitors all have very similar and slightly boring names then misspelling your business might be the best ‘mistake’ you’ll ever make! 

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