Naming a business naming competition crowdsourceYour company is usually the sole way you provide for your family. It gives you professional and personal satisfaction to build something and watch it grow. So why would you stick it with a lifeless, generic…well, moronic name?

Ok, you won’t. You’re reading this article so you’re no moron.  You have an interest in naming your business right. But thousands of businesses are started each year with a company name idea that holds them back versus propels them forward. So let’s look at the common moron-like mistakes people use in naming a business.  More importantly, we’ll give you some tips on how to generate a business name that works for you.

Moron Go-To Idea #1 – Geographic

When naming a business, so many people simply list where they’re based and what they do. Really??? That’s the best you can do. Names like Orlando Plumbing Services, Northwest Pest Control or Midtown Roofers are limiting, forgettable and bland. More imaginative names stick in potential customers brains, they show the company is different from the competition and they can even add value to the company’s perceived worth in the event of a business sale.

Imagine if you’re a potential business buyer and wanted to by City Name Goes Here Plumbing Services and wanted to expand it throughout the state. You couldn’t with that name. The business isn’t as valuable to the buyer and will command a lower price. Even worse, what if you’re Main Street Framing and you grow and move to Oak Street?

These generic names are also more easily copied by competitors trying to benefit from your established name. Northwest Pest Control better look out if Northwest Exterminators ever comes along. And there’s not much they could do to defend ownership rights of such a generic name. Why not start a naming contest on NameMyBlank.com and get the original name you deserve?

Moron Go-To Idea #2 - Familial 

This can actually still work in some circumstances but your family name better be really memorable and you better have no plans to sell the business. One of the worst family naming strategies we see is simply using the owners initials. K & R Flooring is just phoning it in! Jones Insurance and Donna’s Bistro aren’t much better. Names like these make ownership transitions difficult, the names are often forgettable and they’re easily copied. Just ask any of the multitude of Ray’s Pizzas in New York. From Famous Ray’s to Original Rays to just plain Ray’s. Give your name a ray of hope by naming a business something original.

Moron Go-To Idea #3 - The Adjective 

As business owner trying generate a business name, you probably have a lot of passion. So why not put some passion into generating a company name? It’s a moron mistake to think you’re standing out by making your dry cleaner business name “Speedy Dry Cleaning.” The list goes on and on. “Affordable Computers”, “Reliable Dental Care” and “Discount Mufflers” should all be replaced by more effective and memorable company names.

Of course, we’re biased but we feel the best approach is to start a crowdsource naming contest. Simply describe the attributes you want your name to have and let writers from all over the world compete for one cash prize where you determine the amount. Yes, you’ll get some Geographic, Familial and Adjective-based names in the mix but you should get lots of truly original names too. There’s no better way to get a great name for your company than a crowdsource naming contest.

Good luck and don’t make the mistake morons make! We look forward to hosting your contest on NameMyBlank.com

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