Naming Your Boat

Need a great name for your boat? Start a contest now!

Need a great name for your boat? Start a contest now!

Naming a boat is not as easy some people think. After all there are millions of boats around the world with millions of boat names. It is almost impossible to come with an original boat name just as it is almost impossible to come up with original business names.

So what is a boat owner supposed to do? The best answer is to be creative or at least hire somebody that can. A product name generator can help create a moniker for a vessel but naming contests can be more effective. Such contests work better because they take advantage of the most creative force known to man: the human brain.

Find a Name that Reflects Your Personality

Before you spend money on such a contest you should ask yourself: what do I want in a name? What do I want the name to say about me and my vessel and what values do I want it to reflect?

A name should after all reflect your values and your personality. If you’re adventurous a name like Venture or Discovery might be a good fit. If you’re more whimsical a name that reflects one of your hobbies or interests might be a better fit. You might name the boat after one of your favorite fictional characters, your dog or your favorite breed of flower.

Another naming idea is to use something or somebody out of your life. This could be the name of one of your children, or your wife or girlfriend. It could even be the name of one of your pets.

Remember that Things Change

Something that many people who chose boat names tend to forget is that things change. Naming the vessel after your girlfriend might be a great compliment now but what if the two of you break up. Do you want to be stuck with the name of an old flame on your boat particularly if you take your new girlfriend out on it?

Even naming a boat for a child is not such a good idea. You will probably sell the boat sooner or later. Do you really want to sell something with the name of one of your children or your favorite pet emblazoned on it?

Sending the Wrong Message

There’s also the possibility that you might end up sending a message with your boat name that you don’t want to send. What seems playful or cute to one person might be offensive to another.

The name Killer Clown might be amusing to some people but horrific to others. It could refer to notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy who famously worked as a clown at birthday parties. The name Anonymous might sound funny it is also used by a shadowy organization that has been accused of terrorism.

Therefore it is always a good idea to research potential boat names. Simply type the name into Google and see what comes up. You might be associating your pleasure craft with something evil or offensive without even realizing it.

Since your boat is a reflection of your personality and your life you should take care when naming it. Remember when people see your boat and your name they’re looking into your soul and your life whether you realize it or not.


Names as Advertising

A really good business or product name is more than just a label it can be a powerful kind of advertising. The best business names can become part of the language and everyday conversation.

Make the name of your product one of a kind.

Make the name of your product one of a kind.

This creates the most powerful and versatile kind of advertise: word of mouth. People will spread your business or product’s name for free. This is why you should put a lot of time and effort into a naming a business or a product.

Examples of product names that have become part of the language are all around us. Many people use the name Kleenex for facial tissue even though Kleenex is simply one popular brand of facial tissue. In Britain the name Hoover is used instead of the word vacuum cleaner. To Google or googling has become a popular term for internet searches. Many people use Ro-to-Rooter to refer to drain cleaning even there are many companies that offer that service. Some people use the term Xerox instead of copy.

Creating a Memorable Name

That is why taking the extra effort to create a memorable product name is worth it. A really good business name can serve as advertising on its own.

A memorable name is one that should be easy to remember yet stand out from the crowd. It can be something completely different such as Kodak or a play on a popular world.

Super Glue is a memorable and highly effective product name even though it isn’t really that original. Yet people remember super glue and use it as a phrase that means very sticky or stuck together. The point is that people think of Super Glue as a really strong adhesive.

Creating original names that didn’t exist before and have no other meaning can work as well. The word Prius has essentially no meaning, yet Toyota used it as a highly effective name for a very popular model of hybrid car. When people hear the term Prius they think of hybrid car.

Other examples of original product names that have been highly effective include Kodak (which was chosen by camera inventor George Eastman because it had no meaning), Pepsi and Polaroid. All of these names are easily recognizable even though they are only product names.

Names can Get a New Idea Across

Whenever you use a product name generator you should remember that names can get a new idea across to the public. During the 1950s the dramatic term Cinemascope was used to popularize the idea of widescreen movies (before then most movie theater screens were small).

More recently Twitter got the idea of instant messaging across to the public. Like Google it has become a verb as well as a popular slang term.

These names have enabled these concepts and products to be accepted on an everyday basis. A good business name idea can help people to accept a concept that is completely new and original.

Another way to help a new business name enter the language is to name it for something familiar and comfortable. This explains the success of Apple which introduces totally radical technologies in a friendly and unthreatening manner.

There are many different methods of creating a name that can become part of the language. When it is done right naming can be one of the best methods of introducing people to a product or a business.


Naming the Boat and the Business

Choosing a boat name like naming a business or product can be a lot of fun, largely because there are a lot of different names to choose from. The best boat names like the best business names reflect the personality of the owner.

The most popular sailboat name in America is “Second Wind” which is a sailing term. It shows the owner’s love of sailing and reflects nautical knowledge. The name “Wind Dancer” which is also very popular reflects the boat’s motion on the ocean as much as the owner’s personality.

Interestingly the second most popular name for sailboats right now is “Serenity.” That can refer to relaxation or the cult TV show Firefly which featured a spaceship called Serenity. The show also inspired a popular movie called Serenity. More conventional names like “Carpe Diem” and “Escape” reflect the boat owner’s desire to get away from it all which is why you buy a boat in the first place.

How to Name a Boat

Naming a boat can be tricky particularly if you are planning to use it for commercial purposes like fishing charters. If you’re naming a boat for your personal use you can chose almost any boat name such as that of a favorite song or something out of your favorite movie, book, poem or TV show. Unfortunately such pop culture related names might not be appropriate for commercial vessels.

A name like Doom might be fun for video game funs but it won’t attract many charter customers. A better name for a fishing charter might be “Big Catch” or “Getaway.” Something to remember is that not everybody shares your interests or tastes in things like sports, music, recreation and television. What is amusing to you might offensive or confusing to somebody else.

A boat name will reflect upon your business. You’ll want your charter customers to have confidence in your vessel yet have fun at the same time. A name that can convey both security and fun can help a charter company attract customers.

Stand out from the Crowd

It is often a good idea to hold a naming contest for a boat or use a slogan contest to name a boat because you’ll want to stand out from the crowd. Many vessels have the same name which can create confusion and display a lack of imagination.

Let’s face it some boat names such as “Second Wind” and “Enterprise” are simply overused. Creating an original boat name can help your charter business stand out.

An interesting way to do this is to hold a slogan contest to create a tagline for your firm that can double as a name for a boat. An example of such a name might be “Catches the Most Fish,” “Fun at Sea,” or “Wonderful Vacation Memories.” These names convey pleasure and give people a reason to charter the craft.

Another fun idea is to ask your customers what your new boat name should be. That shows that you respect your customers and value their opinions. Creating original boat names can be fun and it isn’t hard.

Starting a contest to name a boat, can help take all the work out, and keep all the fun.

Starting a contest to name a boat, can help take all the work out, and keep all the fun.


How Famous Technology Products got their Names

So how do technology companies come up with product names that are cool and cutting edge? Where do product name ideas originate and how can you emulate their success.

Strangely enough the appearance of the product often dictates what the name will be. The iPod which has given birth to whole series of Apple products was named by a freelance copywriter named Vinne Chieco. Chieco thought the product located like a pod from a science fiction so he called it a pod. He then added the “I” to emphasize the connection to Apple’s hugely popular iMac computer.

The case of the iPod shows how human creativity is superior to a business name generator even in Silicon Valley. No computer program could have thought up anything as creative, as original or as effective as the term iPod. Another product named for its appearance is the Blackberry which was named because its buttons reminded a copywriter of blackberries.

Sometimes Names won’t work out

Business name ideas and product name ideas don’t always work out. Take the case of the popular free web browser Mozilla Firefox. It was originally called Mozilla Firebird but the name had to be changed because a competing piece of software was also cared Firebird. Mozilla executives changed the name Firefox which is a name for a red panda a small animal found in China.

The name Android for Google’s widely used operating system for wireless devices comes from a start up the giant browser company acquired in 2005. Some media reports indicate that Google wanted to keep its product secret so it used the name Android to cover up what it was doing. Whatever happened the name Android stuck and is still used even though everybody knows what it is.

Being Different Helps

When you are naming a product being different from everybody else helps. Google was successful partially because it didn’t adopt a name like Webcrawler. Instead it stuck with something rather unusual and original.

Microsoft has distinguished many of its products with original names including Azure for its cloud based solutions. Apple’s use of cat names for its operating systems such as Snow Leopard helps set it apart from the pack and its other products.

A new and different name can show potential customers that the product itself is new and different. That was certainly the case with the iPod which was like no other music player on the market when it first appeared in 2001.

Being very original or unusual can give you a name that you can copyright. It can also make it easier to write an effective slogan for a product. Another advantage is that such a name can keep customers from confusing your product with somebody else’s offering.

What to a Avoid in a Tech Name

Many technology product names are deliberately designed not to sound technical or geeky. The name Google was deliberately picked because it didn’t sound like an engineering phrase or something computer related. Blackberry sounded simple and fun.

Taking the time to find an original and creative name for a product can distinguish your offering from the rest.


If you are starting a new business or launching a new product you should give serious thought to making the business name or the product name and your slogan compatible. When you consider business name ideas you should ask yourself how the name will look or appear in a slogan.

A Classic Example

There are some names that look or sound good when they are added to a tagline. A classic example is “Raid Kills Bugs Dead.” Even though it is a bit simple that slogan does a tremendous job of promoting the product. People who see it get the point, Raid kills bugs. The reason you buy an insecticide is to kill bugs.

The tagline not only sells the product it does the very important job of explaining it. The short and simple product name Raid fits in perfectly with the short and simple catchphrase.

How to Connect Slogans and Product Names

A good way to get a name that works well with a slogan is to try and name the product and create a slogan at the same time. If you cannot think of a name for a product or a business try holding a slogan contest for it instead of using a business name generator.

There’s a good chance the creative minds that enter the slogan contest will think of a far better moniker than the product name generator could create. After all the people that enter the contest have the advantage of imagination and creativity. The generators are simply programs that mindlessly slap words and phrases together.

Even if the slogan contest winner doesn’t contain a good potential name it might give an idea for one. The slogan contest winner can also be used as the basis of a business name contest, much as the winner of a business name contest can be used as the basis of a slogan-writing contest.

Good Names can lead to Good Slogans

A good business name can help you create a really good tagline for your enterprise. That means you should understand the basics of a good business name before using a name generator or contest.

A good name clearly and easily defines the product while setting it apart from the competition. Great names are also very simple, longer names confuse people and turn them off. Most people hate big words and will usually ignore them when they see them.

That’s why Google and Apple are two of the best business names of all time. They’re simple and short and easy to include in phrases and advertising. They are also hard to confuse with other products. Raid is a great product name because it is short and simple and dramatic at the same time.

Webcrawler; a long-defunct internet search engine, was a poor name because it was cumbersome. It couldn’t be quickly made into part of the language and inserted into everyday conversation the way Google can. When somebody says I just Googled this or that she is giving Google free advertising.

If you can easily insert a business name into a slogan you can effortlessly add it to everyday conversations. Ideally you want a product name to be on everybody’s lips. Having a name that can be used in a slogan is the first step in that direction.


How to Name a Production

MV5BNjkyOTI5MDA0Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTU3NzExNw@@._V1._SY317_CR0,0,214,317_A name can mean everything for a production such as a play or a movie. After all a name tells the potential audience what the film or concert is all about and what they can expect when they see it. Broadway producers and movie studios have long known the secret of How to Name a Production and you should learn it too.

You’ve probably never heard of a movie named Shoeless Joe but you’ve probably seen that production. Shoeless Joe was the original name for the classic film Field of Dreams. It was the name of the obscure novel that Kevin Costner’s famed baseball movie was based upon. Studio executives realized that the name Shoeless Joe had nothing to do with the actual production even though it was the name of a pivotal character in the story.

After all, the movie was about ghosts on an Iowa farm not the 1919 World Series cheating scandal for which the real Shoeless Joe was infamous. Producers changed the name to something that more accurately reflected the real story. The theme of the movie was the enduring and magical qualities of the national pastime not what one of the characters was wearing.

Sometimes it Pays to Keep the Name

Now there are times when a terrible or inaccurate name should be left upon a production. Those times are when the name is already known to the public or established fans. We’d all agree that The Hunger Games is a terrible name for a movie. Arena of Death sounds far better and is more accurate. Yet producers left that name on this Spring’s big budget movie version of the books because their fans are already familiar with that name. The name already has a fan following.

This brings us to an important aspect of how to name a production:  “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!” If a property is already attracting fans in another medium don’t mess with the name. A best selling book, a popular song or a hit TV show or movie is already attracting an audience, don’t change its name. Putting a different name on it could drive away the existing audience.

How Not to Name a Production

An excellent example of how not to name a production was provided this spring by the Walt Disney Company with its gigantic flop John Carter. John Carter is essentially a sword and sorcery fantasy adventure based on a story by Edgar Rice Boroughs (who also created Tarzan). The name on the film is awful because it has nothing to do with the film’s plot. A better title might have been that of the original story A Princess of Mars.

The name “John Carter” will simply confuse the public because they don’t know who or what John Carter is. They might wonder if it is about Jimmy Carter one of our most unpopular presidents. Only fans of old pulp novels and comic books might recognize John Carter as a classic pulp novel hero. The original book the movie was based on was a bestseller before World War I around one hundred years ago.

Not knowing how to name a production can cost you a fortune as Disney discovered recently. As of March 23, 2012, it had reportedly lost $200 million on the epic science fiction film. Naming a production is an art that you must learn how to master if you want to make money at the box office.


How To Name A Product

Choosing a name is actually one of the most important aspects of product development. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most neglected aspects of product development.

A bad name can doom a perfectly good product to failure, while a catchy name can help a dud succeed. Therefore, you need to learn how to name a product before you start the marketing process. Spending a little time and effort developing a catchy name is vital to product success.

Names for products are important because the name is the first impression that the public gets of the product. Naming is very important for things that the public is unfamiliar with. If you can get your name associated with a product, you can create a brand that the consumers associate with a particular good or service.

After all, people associate Coca-Cola with soft drinks and Apple with computers. The names Coke and Apple have little association with the actual products that they sell, yet you think about computers when you hear Apple and soda when you hear Coke.

That means you need to think of names for a product that will catch the public’s imagination and drive customers to you. Knowing how to name a product is often the best way to ensure success.

The best way to do this is to know what successful product names have in common. When you can identity these factors, you will know how to name a product:

  1. It accurately and honestly reflects what the product is.
  2. It reflects the values that you want associated with your product. Disney symbolizes family values to many people. Wal-Mart symbolizes saving money.
  3. It will not confuse the potential consumer.
  4. It will make people happy.
  5. The consumer will take it seriously or at least pay attention to it.

Some names for products work because they attract attention. Verizon attracts attention because it is unique and unusual. So do Advil, Kodak, and Nike. A bold or dramatic name can attract a lot of attention, as Amazon.com discovered. Being bold and dramatic has certainly helped Target attract customers. Starbucks has definitely been able to use a dramatic title to build a brand.

Humor is another good way to attract attention: the words Gorilla Glue are funny. Yet they also convey a message to the customer: the glue is as strong as a Gorilla. A competitor Crazy Glue offers laughs, but you pay attention to it.

Honesty can also help you attract a lot of attention when creating a brand. Discount Tire has stores all over the country and its name says it all: you can buy tires for your car there cheap. Dunkin’ Donuts is both funny and honest; it’s a donut shop.

Bizarre names for products can also help particularly for new or different items. Google and Yahoo became huge internet brands despite having extremely odd names. Hulu has been successful despite a bizarre choice of description. Such a choice can help you stake out a claim in a particular area.

You need to take the time and effort picking out a business name because you will also be creating a brand. The first thing that you need to ask yourself when you begin the process is what do I want the public to think about me, my business, and my product?

Ask yourself what emotions you want to convey and what impression you want to give people. The most important feeling you want to promote is one of trust; after all, you are trying to get people to give you their money. They will not do that unless they trust you.

Next, you will want them to feel good or happy about your product, even if there are negative connotations to it. If you’re offering a solution, you want people to think that you will solve their problems. Helpful Plumbing tells the customer that you are the plumber and you are there to help.

Naming a product is one of the most important things that you will ever do. It can ensure the success or failure of your product and your business.


Naming Made Easy

HelloMyNameIs_02Naming something such as a business, a product, a store or a production is not as easy as it sounds. Thinking up a new or original name is hard enough. Coming up with brilliant names for a product can be nearly impossible.

The process of naming a store or business is made harder by the fact that you have a business to run. You have books to balance, customers to service and work to do. You may not be able to take the time out to think up a creative name even if you could. After creativity takes time, hard work, commitment, and sweat equity.

Fortunately there is an alternative that lets you rename a company quickly and easily without spending a lot of time thinking. There are websites called business name generators that can do the job for you. The best naming websites actually employ professional writers who create the names for you.

A great way to get a really good name for a business such as a health food store is to hold an online contest to get the name. There are websites that run contests where writers compete to come up with the best name. That way you can name your business or think up names for products like big companies do.

Corporate CEOS don’t sit around thinking up new names for products they hire professionals to handle that job. They have marketing experts, Madison Avenue advertising agencies and professional writers to tackle the chore. Obviously you probably don’t have the kind of advertising budget that large companies can take advantage of.

Yet you can probably spare $50 or $100 that is all a contest to think up a new name for an enterprise or product can cost at a really good name-generation website. For the price of one business lunch or dinner and a movie you can have a great new moniker for your business.

This means that you don’t even need to know how to name your product to get a great brand for your invention or innovation without spending too much money. It should also be pointed out here that any fees you pay to a name generating service will be tax deductible. You can and should write them off as a business expense.

We all know that competition is usually the best way to find an affordable solution to a problem. Why not take advantage of its power in order to rename your company or name your product. Setting up such a contest is easy and simple and you will run few risks.

You don’t even have to pay the writers unless they get the job done. That means you take little or no risks yet you can tap into the creative power of hundreds or even thousands of people all over the world. With hundreds of minds working for you should have no problem getting the name that you want.

There is now an easy to use, simple and affordable solution to the problem of how to name your product. Simply hold a contest to find the wording that best describes what you are offering.


MerrickParkA name that does not tell customers what your business’ product or service is can cost you customers and money. A Miami-area shopping center called the Village at Merrick Park is a perfect example of such a situation.

The managers at the center found this out the hard way. They realized that people were not associating the Village at Merrick Park with shopping. The name sounded like a housing development rather than a shopping center. So the city of Coral Gables (which owns the center) decided to change the project’s name to Merrick Shops.

Merrick Shops is a good business name because it accurately conveys what the facility is, it is a shopping center.  The Village at Merrick Park was not a good business name because it did not paint an accurate picture of what the place is. Nobody would associate the old title with shopping.

You should keep what happened to Merrick Shops in mind when you use a company name generator. A name that does not accurately reflect what your business is can drive customers away. No customer will associate your company with the service that you are providing.

A person looking for a place to shop might drive past a sign for the Village at Merrick Park because she thought it was a housing development. On the other hand she would know exactly what the words Merrick Shops mean and pull in. A good business name can and will bring in customers.

Business name ideas have to reflect what the business is and give customers an idea of what you can do for them. The name Speedy Towing not only tells a customer what the business it gives an impression of the kind of service offered. Ted’s Truck Service on the other hand doesn’t tell the customer a thing other than Ted has a truck. What sort of truck does Ted have and what does he do with it?

Bad business name ideas can drive customers off because they don’t know what the enterprise is or what it does. Unfortunately many owners choose a clever or cute name that doesn’t convey what the firm does. They forget that business name ideas are a means of communicating with customers and telling them why they should seek your services.

So always keep the example of the Village at Merrick Park in mind when you use a company name generator. Any name that doesn’t accurately convey what your business is could cost you money. Taking the time to use the company name generator to create something that accurately describes your own organization can help attract new customers.


How A Naming Contest Can Help Your Business

new-customersChoosing a name for the business is one of the most important tasks confronting a startup entrepreneur. Unfortunately most entrepreneurs don’t put that much time and thought into naming the enterprise or naming a store. They should because a name establishes your brand.

A good well-thought out original name can attract the customers you want. A poor name could drive customers away or worse attract the customers you don’t want. More importantly a good name can establish a brand which the public will identify with you and your products. If you can get people to think of your business when they need the good or service or offering you have a brand.

Having a good brand is even more important these days because most customers search for goods and services online. If you can have a catchy original name they can quickly type into a search engine you will drive business to you. This means you need to put a lot of thought and creativity into naming or renaming company.

Online Naming Contests

Simply going to a business name generator is not good enough anymore so you need to consider other alternatives such as naming contests. In such a contest writers cook up names for your business and you pick the winner.

You have to put some money but you only pay the winning writer. That means you don’t pay unless you’re satisfied with the work. It also means that you can have dozens of writers working for you for the price of one. Such a contest is the most cost effective means of finding names for a product available.

It also saves you time because the creative folks are wracking their brains thinking up the names while you are concentrating on your business. If your expertise is selling books or fixing cars why should you waste your time thinking up a brand? Let the professionals wrack their brains while you concentrate on what you can actually make some money at.

If you’re thinking of marketing a new line of healthcare products such a contest can give you several original new names for each product. You can also use similar contests for chores such as setting up your website and getting ad content written.

If you need a new name for an online business that you are starting a contest can also help you. Smith’s Books might be fine for your store on Main Street but not for your online used bookstore. A contest can give Smith an original name for his website. That way he can make his web-based business separate from his store.

When you have an original name for a start-up, not only will it be easier to find online and in Social Media. You will have a much easier time copyrighting it or creating an LLC for it. That way you will have an added layer of legal protection right out of the gate.

Something else to remember an established brand is always worth money. If you can create an effective brand with a great name it is entirely possible that established entrepreneurs will pay you for it. Everyday billionaires like Warren Buffett and giant corporations like Kraft and Disney shell out millions and billions of dollars for established brands because they know that brands make money. Therefore the $100 you spend on a naming contest can be the best investment you will make.