Forget Eating A Hamburger. Here’s How To Name It

Before we get into burgers, check out the video.  (Click the image below or the link.  We did not have anything to do with making it.  But we did think it was very helpful.  Just make sure you start a NameMyBlank.com business name contest to actually get ideas.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyxI_hqMaYQ

Naming a business - company names

Unlike boat names, business name ideas can be hard to come up with, particularly when you are trying to choose a name for a common enterprise such as a hamburger stand. Naming a burger or a burger joint can actually be very hard because there are vast numbers of such establishments out there.

Such solutions as business name generators and product name generators can help. Naming contests can be even more effective, but you’ll need to know what a good name looks like before you begin.

To help you spot the best product names for burgers and burger joints, we’re going to grade some popular burger-related names. These grades should show you what to do and what not to do when you’re choosing a name for a tasty burger.

Burger Joint Names Graded

  • 5 Napkin Burger (C) This New York burger joint gets a C because its name is simply confusing. One has to ask what 5 Napkin means and what it has to do with a burger.
  • BGR The Burger Joint (B) This chain of high-end burger outlets in the Washington D.C. area gets a B because it is original and memorable. It is also unpretentious.
  • Butcher and the Burger (A) This neighborhood burger house in Chicago gets an A because of its classy name. The name is also effectively descriptive and tells potential diners that the meat in the joint’s burgers will be fresh.
  • Eat-a-Burger (A) The name of this gourmet burger stand in Tucson is both original and entertaining. It describes exactly what you want to do with burgers. It also reminds customers of California’s legendary In-N-Out Burger, which is widely regarded as America’s best burger chain.

Burger Names Graded

The names of burgers can be just as important as the restaurant itself. After all, the Big Mac and the Whopper are now American icons.

  • The Fattymelt  (A) The name perfectly describes the combination cheeseburger and grilled cheese sandwich from the Mossy Creek Café in Fisherville, Va. It’s also original and appealing.
  • The Bizza (F) This name gets an F because it sounds both confusing and disgusting. Yes, it’s cute, but it’s ultimately meaningless, it’s supposed to be half hamburger/half pizza. A name that has to be explained to customers fails every time.
  • The Big O  (A) The name of this half-pound black angus cheese and bacon burger from Oscar’s Pub & Grill in Milwaukee gets an A because it is perfectly descriptive and memorable. The Big O is big and it comes from Oscar’s. It’s also unpretentious.

Naming a restaurant or a food can be tough. Fortunately, there are naming contests that can help you accomplish this important task with the help of professional writers.



We all know that the business world is competitive and it is only getting more so as every day around the world 6,000 new businesses come on line competing for the same customers that all the existing ones are already chasing.

There are many points that should be kept in mind when naming a business which is one reason why holding a naming contest is usually a better option than thinking up a name yourself.  Your business name must be engaging and compelling but must also be one that is easy to say and looks good on paper or on-screen.  It must be distinctive and preferably available for trademarking and all of this has to be done in just a few short syllables.

Characteristics of a Great Business Name

If it sounds impossible, don’t worry, we are experts when it comes to helping you name your business.

  • Your business name isn’t just important to you but to your target market.  Your business name has to connect with them if you are going to succeed.
  • Think ahead, it’s not just your experience that counts, it’s where you are going and how you are going to help your customers in the future.  It’s called vision.
  • Nearly all businesses now make growing use of the internet.  When deciding on your business name, it really is worth checking that the company domain name is available as a .com  or if you operate in the Great Britain or Canada as a .co.uk. or .ca   Online presence and visibility has never been more important.
  • These days, less is often more.  Forget clunky longwinded names.  If your business name is short and sweet then it will seem much more contemporary and help you connect with your target market.

When you pick your business name, remember it is the first impression that your customers will have of your company.  Sometimes though you may own a business and it sets all the wrong impressions too.

Every year, around 2,000 organizations change their name.  Sometimes this is because the marketplace is changing and the business wants to capitalize on new growth opportunities.  Sometimes it is because a company has a major new product or service whilst at other times the owners simply realize that their existing business name doesn’t work.

If any of these sound familiar to you, then holding a business naming competition is just as easy and offers just as many advantages as to those starting up their own business.


When naming your business, there are several potential strategies that you can employ. The strategy you go for is important as many customers first impression of you (which we know is critical) is your company name.  Whether you crowdsource your company name through a business naming competition or hire a traditional agency or freelancer, here are some tips.

Some Popular Business Naming Strategies

Familial – Many of the world’s pre-eminent businesses started by basing their company name around their family name.  This tactic is great because when a small business is finding its feel, allowing customers’ access to the someone with a core association to the company can often be very attractive.  People like to relate to others and if they now there is a real person behind your business, it can build a lot of trust.   Selecting a familial name needn’t restrict your business growth either as for decades the business can trade on family values and ethics.  Just ask Sam Walton or James Dyson. Just keep in mind that sometimes this can be the exception rather than the rule.  Often times businesses with family names can be seen as “small time” and they can be harder to sell for top dollar because potential buyers worry about owning a business where the named founders are no longer present.

GeographicWhen naming your business, many consider using a geographic term in your business name.  This strategy is often the right choice if your location is a key reason for customers to purchase from you.  Perhaps you are the only business of its type in the neighborhood.  By localizing your business name, you can tap into the community and be seen as an integral part of it.  Such a business can inspire loyalty and the sheer geographic convenience can be a major plus if you market your business the right way.  Think, Downtown Autos or Church Street Office Supplies. The downside with this approach is that many of these names are forgettable, easily confused with others and can be limiting for expansion.  Westside Orlando Optometry might have a hard time expanding to other parts of the city or would create confusion.  Or even if they didn’t, who’s there to stop someone from opening Eastside Orlando Optometry.

Logical – Though it can be obvious, using a logical name can be a very successful way to brand your business.  Selecting a business name such as Next Day Flooring or Speedy Computer repairs has big benefits in that not only does it make clear what line of business you are in but also the type of service you can offer too.    It’s often much easier to use a logical name in your corporate branding whether it be company logos or on your website. Again, this can have the same issues as the names above – easy for customers to forget and confuse, easy for the competition to copy.

ThematicThis is probably the best way to go with your name – especially if you can hire a freelancer or hold a crowdsource naming competitNaming A Business - Crowdsourcing Name Ideasion through a site like NameMyBlank.com.  Professional naming experts can come up with an entire theme for your business rather than just a nam.  A theme is better than just a name as it opens up a whole new experience which you can offer to customers. It more easily lends itself to branding. This tactic is particularly common with restaurants.  Who wouldn’t want to eat at Firehouse Subs versus 14th Street Subs?  Who wouldn’t prefer New Balance shoes over Affordable Quality Footwear, LLC.

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to get your name.  Whther you need a pizza restaurant name, hair salon name or anything else, open up a naming contest on NameMyBlank.com.  It’s affordable, offers tons of options and you’ll have great name ideas in no time!


How Moron’s Name A Business.

Naming a business naming competition crowdsourceYour company is usually the sole way you provide for your family. It gives you professional and personal satisfaction to build something and watch it grow. So why would you stick it with a lifeless, generic…well, moronic name?

Ok, you won’t. You’re reading this article so you’re no moron.  You have an interest in naming your business right. But thousands of businesses are started each year with a company name idea that holds them back versus propels them forward. So let’s look at the common moron-like mistakes people use in naming a business.  More importantly, we’ll give you some tips on how to generate a business name that works for you.

Moron Go-To Idea #1 – Geographic

When naming a business, so many people simply list where they’re based and what they do. Really??? That’s the best you can do. Names like Orlando Plumbing Services, Northwest Pest Control or Midtown Roofers are limiting, forgettable and bland. More imaginative names stick in potential customers brains, they show the company is different from the competition and they can even add value to the company’s perceived worth in the event of a business sale.

Imagine if you’re a potential business buyer and wanted to by City Name Goes Here Plumbing Services and wanted to expand it throughout the state. You couldn’t with that name. The business isn’t as valuable to the buyer and will command a lower price. Even worse, what if you’re Main Street Framing and you grow and move to Oak Street?

These generic names are also more easily copied by competitors trying to benefit from your established name. Northwest Pest Control better look out if Northwest Exterminators ever comes along. And there’s not much they could do to defend ownership rights of such a generic name. Why not start a naming contest on NameMyBlank.com and get the original name you deserve?

Moron Go-To Idea #2 - Familial 

This can actually still work in some circumstances but your family name better be really memorable and you better have no plans to sell the business. One of the worst family naming strategies we see is simply using the owners initials. K & R Flooring is just phoning it in! Jones Insurance and Donna’s Bistro aren’t much better. Names like these make ownership transitions difficult, the names are often forgettable and they’re easily copied. Just ask any of the multitude of Ray’s Pizzas in New York. From Famous Ray’s to Original Rays to just plain Ray’s. Give your name a ray of hope by naming a business something original.

Moron Go-To Idea #3 - The Adjective 

As business owner trying generate a business name, you probably have a lot of passion. So why not put some passion into generating a company name? It’s a moron mistake to think you’re standing out by making your dry cleaner business name “Speedy Dry Cleaning.” The list goes on and on. “Affordable Computers”, “Reliable Dental Care” and “Discount Mufflers” should all be replaced by more effective and memorable company names.

Of course, we’re biased but we feel the best approach is to start a crowdsource naming contest. Simply describe the attributes you want your name to have and let writers from all over the world compete for one cash prize where you determine the amount. Yes, you’ll get some Geographic, Familial and Adjective-based names in the mix but you should get lots of truly original names too. There’s no better way to get a great name for your company than a crowdsource naming contest.

Good luck and don’t make the mistake morons make! We look forward to hosting your contest on NameMyBlank.com

Crowdsource Business Name Ideas - Spelling Twist

Toys R Us didn’t have the luxury of a crowdsource naming contest. But you do!

There was a time when naming a business was a pretty uncreative endeavor. Your company name ideas were pretty much limited to where you operated and what you did. That approach led to wildly creative names like Topeka Mufflers, Southeast Warehouse Solutions, etc. Fortunately, those limitations are long gone. Yet some companies still put little thought into their name. Instead of a name that is memorable and brand defining, businesses today can still be found using outdated an naming strategy such as naming the business after the initials of the two partners, which creates snooze-fest names such as P&T Insurance Partners.  Wake me up when they’re out of business.

The good news is that many companies are using this new found freedom for company name generating that stands out, engages the audience and elevates their brand. Online companies seems to be leading the way. Twitter, Instagram and PayPal are all easy to remember names that stand out. Often what the dot coms are doing today, main street businesses will be doing in 5-10 years so it’s helpful to keep an eye on.

One of the biggest trends right now is alternative spellings to a company name. That involves leaving out a letter, adding one in simply spelling a familiar word in a totally unique way.

There’s Tumblr, Reddit, Flickr, Qustodian, Digg and Unbxd among a plethora of names that put a spin on traditional spelling. But is this sort of approach right for you? Is this something you should consider is you open a crowdsource business name competition on NameMyBlank.com? Let’s find out.

Is it meaningful?

The first thing you should consider in generating a business name, whether it’s using a crowdsourcing naming contest or hiring an agency, is if the name means something to your target audience. A lot of online businesses have a goal of disrupting the current way of doing business in their industry so a funky spelling signifies that aren’t a company doing business in the same way as the old guard. If your name gives some insight into what you do and connotes it’s a new approach, a funky spelling might work for you. This company name strategy isn’t just limited to tech companies!

Is it memorable?

Anyone can put a twist on traditional spelling. That doesn’t give you an 100% guarantee people will remember your name. Esurance people remember but possibly because there are millions thrown into an ad campaign for their brand. Your name needs to work if its heard and not just read. So if you were a catering company called Metro Cat-r-r, that name might not work and it looks strange to boot. Make sure you have a name that stands out but does so for the right reasons. Toys R Us famously changed an “Our” to a “R” flipped it backwards and the name was an instant hit. It’s perfectly childlike, memorable and meaningful.

Is it timeless?

Toys R Us isn’t a Silicon Valley start-up. Neither is Publix, one of the most successful grocery chains in the nation. The Publix name still works because it’s not a twist on a word that was trendy at the time. Instead, it’s a twist on the public’s grocery store. For decades the name has stood out and remained in style because it isn’t playing off a here today gone tomorrow slang word. Consider that when generating your new name.

Company Name Crowdsourcing - Naming A New Company

Naming A Company with unique spelling isn’t new. Just ask Publix.

Tumbler. By having a business name spelled differently from what general convention would go with, it immediately draws attention.   

Of course, depending in your business sector this can often be positive and give a boost to your business. However in some industries, your customers are likely to think such a tactic as being stupid. You don’t want your lawyer to sound “with-it,” you want her to be competent.

Wrapng It Upp”

A big advantage of using a deliberately misspelled word as your business name is in buying a domain name. So many of the best internet domains have already been taken and it could be expensive if not impossible to secure a domain for your business. However, its unlikely that a misspelled business name has its internet domain already registered.

The only real downside to going with this option when naming your business, is that it can be difficult for your customers to locate your website if they aren’t sure of how it is spelled. Even if misspelled, the business name should still be a derivative of the original word so that customers can have a good idea of exactly what service or product your company is selling.

The Best Mistake that You can Make

The great thing though is that when you hold a crowdsourcing business naming contest with us, you can specify the type of name and branding that appeal to you and your customers. If it sounds right to you and your business sector and your competitors all have very similar and slightly boring names then misspelling your business might be the best ‘mistake’ you’ll ever make! 



Naming a business using acronyms.  Is it right for your crowdsource naming contest?

Naming a business using acronyms. Is it right for your crowdsource naming contest?

When naming a business using a crowdsourcing contest, you can make every letter count.

A quick search on the internet will reveal just how many different strategies there are when it comes to naming your business. Sometimes it seems like there are almost as many company naming strategies as there are businesses to name. It’s the subject of so much attention because producing a good business name is one of the most vital decisions that you can make. After all, your company name is often the first impression made with customers. It established how you’re perceived. It’s the gateway to your brand. And there’s the obvious fact that your name is everywhere. It will end up on your website, business cars, promotional literature and maybe even on the side of your truck.

A lot of people struggle with business naming their organization so they turn to crowdsourcing a new name. Like any crowdsource website, you get a lot of options from a lot of perspectives. So all those naming strategies we just referenced…you’ll see many of them on display in a business name generator contest. Often times one of the strategies that is employed by at least one name writer, at least on NameMyBlank.com is using initials and/or acronyms. Many times this can lead to brilliant, catchy names that last for decades. But not every option submitted will be right for you. So here are some guidelines that will help you come up with a successful acronym or initial based name from your crowdsource business name competition.

Is your acronym W.O.R.K.-able? (Wonderful, Originally & Really Killer)

Using an acronym in a name is something that either works or doesn’t right away. UPS, AT&T, IBM, YMCA and ESPN are just some of the brands where far more people know them for their initials than their actual name. And there are plenty of organizations whose name is a word where each letter stands of something. When womens’ rights activists were looking for a name that signified they wanted immediate change, they came up with N.O.W. (The National Organization of Women.) People new to computer programming were first introduced to B.A.S.I.C. Which stands for Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instructional Code. It’s a formula that works and it could work for you. Truth be told so many great names are the result if reverse engineering the acronym. Writers and naming experts often start with words first and then figure out what each letter should stand for second.

Business Naming Acronyms that Won’t Work For You

Remember some of the above mentioned brands like IBM are billion dollar companies started decades and decades ago. Today if you were to start a company called International Business Machines, that name could easily get lost in the clutter. What about corporate giant 3M? They’re still officially tied to Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing. You won’t have the luxury of continuing a brand with an antiquated name. Of course sometimes a unique company name can be a conversation starter. International furnishing company IKEA gains its name from the name and home of its founder, Ingvar Kamprad who lived on a farm named Elmtaryd in the locality of Agunnaryd.

Putting It All Together For Your Company Name Acronym

If you’re about to open a crowdsource naming competition for a new business name, mention that you’re open to an acronym approach. Just make sure that if someone doesn’t know what every letter stands for, the acronym works on its own. Maybe the explanation can come from a new slogan or tagline.

Best of luck generating your new company name or renaming your company. If you need us, we’re always here to H.E.L.P. (Heroically Educate Leading Professionals)

New Company Name

Renaming the Company – Justin.tv becomes Twitch Interactive

Although plenty of hardcore video game players are familiar with the name “Justin.tv,” a service that lets users stream games live, gamers have really fallen in love with the company’s offspring “Twitch.”  So now the parent company name is changing to take on the name of their stellar performing child.

So Justin.tv is being rebranded to become Twitch Interactive Inc.  With Twitch driving the company’s true growth the twitch switch makes a lot of sense.  It is pretty rare though when a situation like this takes place.

Justin.tv was a pioneer in user-generated live streaming of games.  The overall corporate structure looks like it will remain in tact.

Vice President of Marketing, Matthew DiPietro acknowledged that, in the two and a half years since Twitch launched, it has seen incredible growth and they’re hoping that name change carries the momentum  up to the top and organization-wide.  Every month 1 million gamers use twitch to broadcast their on screen exploits and 13 billion minutes are watched per month.  That web traffic outperforms Hulu and Facebook!

A company name change like this has to be challenging both logistically and politically but there are some very smart people behind Justin.tv..errr…Twitch Interactive and obviously they felt a new company name was the right course of action to take.  If you need a new name for your company, parent company or offshoot, we’d love to host your naming contest on NameMyBlank.


Let Us Work Our Magic On You

It takes a lot of skill and courage to set-up a new business.  It isn’t something that just anybody can do.  You need a business plan, some financial backing, a vision of how you want things to work out and even if you have all of these things going for you then you still need that priceless commodity of luck.

At NameMyBlank we’ve noticed that quite rightly, most entrepreneurs and small business owners put all of their time and energy into developing their products and marketing ideas to ever worry about naming a business or product.

If your experience and business are in industries non-related to marketing and advertising then the chances are that you aren’t the best person out there to name your business.  What makes a great I.T Engineer, plumber or landscape gardener doesn’t necessarily equip you when it comes to naming your business.


The Power of the Right Name

A right name almost by itself can give your new business a huge boost allowing you to never look back.  However picking the wrong business names means at best the business will always under-perform and at worst could end up wasting your time and money.

Luckily a quick, easy and economic solution is at hand.  Here at Namemyblank we have come up with an amazing solution to this perennial head ache for new businesses.    Holding a business naming contest will allow professionals to come up with the best name possible so you don’t have to waste your time scratching your head.

No-one would want a professional writer or ad agency working on their furnace or computer servers? So why would a heating and air conditioning technician or an I.T. specialist think they could come up with the best business names?


How a Naming Contest can Help

Holding a naming contest is easy, quick and inexpensive.  Creative individuals will bring a different perspective to the naming process, opening up new possibilities which you may never have even thought of.  Not only can a name help your business stand out in its own right but a catchy name can also help with things such as your search-engine optimization so that your business is easy to find on web search engines.

The prize that you offer in a naming contest can be anything from $50 upwards.  Obviously a higher prize will help attract the efforts of the best writers.  Once all the entries are in, you get to choose the winning contest entry which you can then use as your business name.

We take all the effort out of finding business names so that you can get on with starting your business, utilizing your talents rather than wasting time thinking of a name.  You now do your job, let us do ours!


It’s All in the Name.

Business names are important to us, it is our identity and a name that hopefully customers trust and the general public at large are familiar with.  Generally consistency is the key to success with business names.  It can take a long time to achieve good brand recognition and changing that name can cause minor and extremely short-term problems with customers and suppliers alike.

However, the corporate world is full of examples of company name changes that have entirely changed the scope and brand recognition of a company allowing them to achieve success that was previously thought to be impossible for them.


Successful and Unsuccessful Name Changes

Have you ever bought anything from the Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo Corporation?  No? Me neither and there is a good reason for this.  In 1958 realizing that their name was holding them back, especially in U.S. and European markets they changed their name to Sony.  If you want to sell something to a consumer then it always helps if your business name is simple and easy to pronounce.

Changing a company name from something established and popular simply for the sake of a fresh image can be a very bad move.  United Airlines learned this the hard way when for for a small period of time change the carrier dropped its name traditional and respected name for Allegis which might sound more like a Greek island than an airliner.

In the U.K. the Royal Mail under bad advice from a marketing agency threw away centuries of tradition and reliability by becoming Consignia.  Consumers, postal workers and the country at large immediately shot the name down in the flames and so it should be little surprise that Royal Mail quickly returned.

These simply examples are important as they perfectly demonstrate when you should change your name and when you shouldn’t.  If your company is flying high and a well-known name with your customers then changing your business name perhaps should not be your first option.


Names and Identity

However if your company has an identity issue perhaps due to original business names not being easily recognized from the crowd of competitors. Then perhaps as your business now offers a broader range of products or services then changing business names might be the best business decision since Sony came into the world.

Holding a naming competition at NameMyBlank is quick and simple and will give you lots of great business name ideas.  Our writers have the imagination that can make the difference and as you choose the winning name for your organization then you’ll be sure that the changes you make will help your business achieve the success which you deserve.


Using Humor in Business Names

We’ve mentioned before in earlier blogs that it is normally best to avoid using humor naming your business or indeed company branding unless you are absolutely sure it will appeal to your prospective customer base.  The reasons for this should be obvious to most entrepreneurs – you are in the business of business and not of comedy.  Having said that, sometimes just sometimes the use of humor is justified and let’s face it, everyone likes a good pun.

The real trick with using humor in business names is knowing when and where to draw the line.  You don’t want to go from using your company name to help stick in the memories of your customer base to being remembered for becoming a laughing stock.

Will you use clever, funny or abstract humor?  Making the right choice could be the difference between become the hottest ticket in town or having everyone slam down the phone every time you make a call.


Puns from Popular Culture

A popular method of using humor in your new business name is by involving puns from movies, music or television.  These are often particularly popular if a business is in the retail sector.

The Blue Legume or The Codfather are perfect choices for seafood and restaurant related businesses.  Spex in The City has been used more than by Eye-doctors and if a customer at a deli bar doesn’t think License to Fill is a good name he or she probably haven’t heard of James Bond.

An alternative technique would be to create a small sentence out of the products that your proposed business might sell.  For example a Caribbean restaurant could call itself Jamaican Me Hungry or a plumber could play with words and have a business such as Lee-King.


When Humor Gets Bad for Business

When things go bad with business names though, they go very bad.  It is possible that a business name itself can be very funny but that doesn’t make it any less a bad choice for business names.  There are countless examples of bad business names that are just too rude or inappropriate for us to list.  It’s hard to believe that anyone would pay to eat at the Taliban Food Center or Poisons Bakery for example.

When naming your business in a naming competition, always be clear what sort of name you’re are looking for and what sort of image that you want to present to your customers. Make sure that the humor you use in your company name attracts customers rather than repels or offends them.