Copyright Issues

Upon selecting a winner, the contest holder owns the sole rights to the name he/she selects. By agreeing to the terms and conditions in the Writers Code Of Conduct, writers agree to transfer ownership of the name to the contest winner if their entry is selected as the winner. Writers who participate in name contests keep all the rights to any names not selected as the #1 ranked winning entry.

It is the contest holder's responsibility to register any trademarks or service marks. Name My Blank is not a law firm. We are a middleman for linking writers to those needing names. An attorney specializing in intellectual property or a service such as Legal are probably your best bet.

If you feel that a name of yours has been used without permission by one of our writers please read the following.

Name My Blank is an independent 'middle-man' and makes no claims whatsoever to the originality of any user-submitted content.

If you feel that a name of yours has been copied by a writer on Name My Blank please submit a complaint via the contact form.

Please include the following in your message:
  • 1. Full name.
  • 2. Mailing address.
  • 3. Phone number.
  • 4. Where you can be reached.