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The Science of Creating Names

The best names require the least amount of advertising, they market themselves. A great name will differentiate you from your competitors and evoke a positive emotional connection between you and your customers.

"" is a great name because, when it launched as an online bookstore, it sounded different from the thousands of brick and mortar bookstores already in existence. Plus, it was named after the world largest river connoting a near endless selection of books available for purchase. Other book retailers initially laughed at the name "" but the name attracted attention and curiosity. The curiosity led to visits to the website. That led to sales. The rest is history.

Another good tip: A name for a business or business product or service should be spelled like it sounds. Nothing is more annoying for a customer than trying to look for you without success because your name is spelled, "creatively." So naming your barbershop Gnew Yorc Heir Cutz is a really, really bad idea.

Your name should also be easy to say. The name should possess energy and in most situations be relevant to the services offered or at least have some significant meaning attached. Most importantly ask yourself, "Is this name unforgatteble?"

When choosing your name, the one that makes you a little nervous might just be the best choice. Sometimes, you�ll know the perfect name the moment you see it. Other times it might take a few days to "sink in." Finally, remember that your ultimate goal is to have a name that resonates with your target audience. The better you know them, the better you'll know which name to pick. Good luck and happy naming!